SCL Virtual Clergy Convocation


SCL Virtual Clergy Convocation
November 9, 2020 I 8:00am - 5:00pm I via Zoom app

The South Central Luzon (SCL) Virtual Clergy Convocation is set in the background of the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic which has brought immense repercussions to the life, work and witness of its dioceses and parishes, as well in the manner the clergy exercise their ministerial duties and pursue the Church’s mission.

Apart from having to struggle to cope up with the “new normal,” SCL dioceses and parishes all have unluckily yielded to some specific long-standing intramural, organizational and financial vulnerabilities that the pandemic has brought into the foreground. As if these were not enough, and by the same token, they found themselves having to contend with a number of theological and pastoral questions as they sought to collectively adapt to the emerging situations.

Nevertheless, despite the difficulty and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, several initiatives have been undertaken which, in turn, helped transformed the harrowing situation into cherished opportunities for sharing and serving. Equally, new forms of diaconal ministries emerged to cater to the needs of people made highly vulnerable by the pandemic.

As SCL dioceses and parishes labored extensively to cope with the great changes under heavy pressure, the IFI, in general, has likewise had to deal with state repression and political attacks. A number of its bishops, priests, and laypeople were indiscriminately red-tagged, while some were arrested and detained, as some others fell victim to harassment and intimidation the course of their ministry and advocacy.

These happen while the government espouses a militaristic response to the health crisis, and extrajudicial killings with impunity across the country continue, and most recently, as the government wages war against legitimate dissent and the people’s call for meaningful changes through the Anti-Terror Law.

The theme “Serving with Joy and Generosity in the midst of Affliction and Repression,” inspired by 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, attests to the unwavering commitment of SCL bishops, priests, and deacons to live-up their calling despite the challenges of the “new normal.” The mission of the Church continues even amidst the pandemic and state repression, situations which challenge us to deeply consider what it means for us to be servants as we minister to meet our people’s needs and defend the sanctity of human life and dignity.

The Convocation endeavors to help the clergy identify fresh ways on how to faithfully live-out their pastoral and prophetic ministry in pursuit of the Church’s mission as they continue to effectively witness to the truth of the Gospel in a situation where not only people’s physical movements are being controlled, but also where their basic rights and freedoms are restrained.

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