Misyon ng
Banal na Krus

23 G.V. Manansala St.
Brgy. Krus na Ligas,
Quezon City

Rev. Erahvilla Maga-Cabillas 
Parish priest

+63 995 748-7760
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Holy Eucharist: 8:30am (Sunday)
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Misyon ng
Banal na Krus

23 G.V. Manansala St.
Brgy. Krus na Ligas,
Quezon City

Rev. Erahvilla Maga-Cabillas 
Parish priest

+63 995 748-7760
Contact information

Holy Eucharist: 8:30am (Sunday)
Schedule of services

About the Mission

The Holy Cross Mission
Manansala Street, Krus na Ligas, Diliman, Quezon City

By: Mrs. Julie Faa


In 1987 the Church of the Holy Cross on 41 J. Escaler St., Loyola Heights, Q.C. was the only known IFI house of worship nearest to the Aglipayan community in Krus na Ligas (KNL). Many Aglipayanos residing in KNL and attending Sunday Masses at the Church of the Holy Cross, with the incumbent priest at that time the Rev. Fr. Primitivo C. Racimo, were mainly Odionganon (from Odiongan Romblon). Active parishioners then were mostly youth who were usually fetched from their respective homes, for the parents to allow them to go to church. The trip took two rides from KNL to the Church of the Holy Cross. Before going to church, people gathered on Alonzo Street in KNL, headed by Ms. Julie Faa, who provided the members with transportation. This was the usual routine activity until KNL members noticed that they almost comprised half of the congregation. Due to the growth in number of members and the far distance traversed to the church, the KNL members requested the parish priest to conduct the Sunday Masses at KNL itself to make it more convenient for the youth and the parents.

This was made possible when in 1988 the Rev. Fr. Isagani G. Fabito, himself a fellow Odionganon, got assigned at the Church of the Holy Cross. The mission in Krus na Ligas (simultaneously with the Mission in Palanas) was initiated by the Rev. Fabito. It started as an outstation of the said parish upon the request of the families in Krus na Ligas who, because of inaccessibility of public transport, could not regularly attend the Sunday Mass at the Church of the Holy Cross.

The Sunday Masses were held on rotation basis at the homes of the "nucleus" members who wanted to sponsor particular Sunday services on the Alonzo street where most of the Aglipayanos in KNL were located. Practically a kind of "itinerant chapel," it did not hinder the propagation of the Gospel and pastoral ministration of the church. Bible studies during Saturdays were conducted by Ms. Julie Faa and the two assigned seminarians at that time, now Bp. Juvy Fodulla and Fr. Jose Falogme, who took over whenever Fr. Fabito was not available. Pastoral offices like Requiem Masses were also offered for the departed members and even non-members requesting for such services.

The pioneering members came from seven families which constituted the "nucleus" of the Household of God in the Krus na Ligas mission, consisting of the families or households of Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Perez, Mr. & Mrs. Juan Perez, Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Perez, Mrs. Julie Faa, Engr. & Mrs. Roger "Dodoy" Fodulla (now deceased), Mr.& Mrs. Victorio Evangelio and Mr. & Mrs. Virgilio Soriano.

Eventually through the efforts of Ms. Mila Notario, a WOPIC member, the KNL community was able to make arrangements with the local school authorities to use the kindergarten room in the Rural Improvement Center (RIC) building of the barangay to celebrate the Sunday Holy Eucharist and to hold other religious activities. It was good enough to serve its purpose for the meantime although the churchgoers seemed to look like “pre-schoolers" because they were using kiddie chairs.

Succeeding the Rev. Fr. Fabito, the Rev. Fr. Florante Ponce (now deceased) continued the mission when he was assigned at the IFI Church of the Holy Cross on Escaler Street.

In November 1991 the DGMA Diocesan Council declared KNL a mission (original copy of the certification now ensconced on the right side of the altar wall of the chapel). This occurred during the pastoral time of the (late) Msgr. Eliseo Tiempo who helped them initiate looking for a permanent place to build a chapel. The congregation was growing gradually and the RIC room could no longer accommodate the churchgoers.

After obtaining the rights on the government lot located along Manansala Street, the mission received a grant from the Diocese through the indefatigable efforts of Msgr. Tiempo and his wife, Atty. Guirda Tiempo, who also helped to solicit donations toward the construction of the chapel. 

Through the tough voyage of sailing on rough seas, the pilgrims finally reached the promised land where they could build a modest House of Worship. The Youth who helped clear the lot were even detained for hours by the UP police for illegal logging since the lot was a part of the UP property. Located within the 10-meter setback zone as claimed by the UP administration, the legal fuss was still under negotiation. Despite all these obstacles, the members proceeded undeterred to build their own chapel on this lot. The structures for the foundation were laid down furtively under the supervision of Engr. Roger and Dennis Fodulla.

With their hardships partly paid off, the first Mass was celebrated in the new church on May 7, 2000. Little by little, piece by piece, and bit by bit through the concerted efforts of the whole congregation, the construction continued until finally on July 7, 2002 the mission chapel was brought to completion and was dedicated and consecrated to God by the Rt. Rev. Gregorio delos Reyes (then diocesan bishop of Greater Manila Area). The late Msgr. Eliseo Tiempo presented the centennial chapel to the bishop for its turn-over to the Diocese with the undying support of the families of the following: Mr. & Mrs. Marlyn Soriano, Mr. & Mrs. Rebecca Gan, Mr. & Mrs. Bong Abrena, Mr. & Mrs. Jojo Faa, and Mr. & Mrs. Gaba.


Rev. Sherryl Ann Javier-Bianson (2015- present)
Rev. Fr. Fedelino Ofdi (2010-2015)
Rev. Erahvilla Maga-Cabillas (2009-2010)
Rev. Fr. Mario Quince (2007-2009)
Rev. Fr. Rene Malubay (2006- 2007)
Rev. Fr. Danilo Janagap (2005-2006)
Rev. Fr. Fred Caparro (2004–2005)
Rev. Fr. Harry Ang (2003 -2004)
Msgr. Eliseo Tiempo (1991-2002)
Rev. Fr. Florante Ponce
Rev. Fr. Isagani Fabito (1988 - )
Rev. Fr. Primitivo Racimo (1987)






Chairman Rev. Sherryl Ann Javier-Bianson
Vice Chairman Engr. Bobby Z. Fodulla
Secretary Ms. Liza Evangelista
Treasurer Ms. Rebecca P. Serrano
Auditor Mrs. Siony F. Galanao
Members Ms. Aaliyah Mae Fesarit
Ms. Danielle Chloie D. Fodulla
Mrs. Jennifer Evangelista
Mr. Ronald Gan
Mr. Jhonny Evangelista




Chairman Eloisa Jane Fodulla
Members Francis Loraine Fodulla
Maebel Fodulla
Windee Barcena
Rebecca Serrano


Chairman Francis Loraine Fodulla
Members Aliyah Mae Fesarit
Christopher Fejer
Liza Marie Evangelista
Danielle Chloie Fodulla
Christian Fodulla
Carlo Evangelista


Chairman Siony Galanao
Members Mary May Fodulla
Vicky Soriano
Mariana Aldaya
Roselie Foja
Baby Lyn Fejer
Jennifer Evangelista




President Engr. Bobby Fodulla
V-President Ronald Gan
Secretary Rodel Fodulla
Treasurer Johnny Evangelista
Auditor Rommel Evangelista


President Christopher Fejer
V-President Aliyah Mae Fesarit
Secretary Danielle Chloie Fodulla
Treasurer Liza Marie Evangelista
Auditor Maebel Fodulla


President Siony Galanao
V-President Mary May Fodulla
Secretary Jennifer Evangelista
Treasurer Baby Lyn Fejer
Auditor Rebecca Gan


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