Parish of the
Most Holy

2372 Taft Avenue
cor A. Arnaiz Street,
Pasay City

Msgr. Cesar Emmanuel Ballesteros
Parish priest

Parish of the
Most Holy

2372 Taft Avenue
cor A. Arnaiz Street,
Pasay City

Msgr. Cesar Emmanuel Ballesteros
Parish priest

About the Parish

2372 Taft Avenue cor. A. Arnaiz St., Pasay City

By: Rev. Fr. Albert C. Dacera


After the Iglesia Filipina Independiente was proclaimed on August 3, 1902, the residents of Barrio Culi-culi (now Pio del Pilar, Makati) in Pasay, Morong (former name of Rizal Province) held a citizen assembly in the house of Roman Santos which was attended by hundreds of laymen in response to the call of organizing a Filipino nationalist church within its vicinity. In the said meeting, it was agreed that the site of the church would be built on a parcel of land donated by the Rev. Fr. Santiago Fonacier and Tomas Tiong.

The official organ of the IFI, La Verdad, on its seventh issue dated March 4, 1903, then announced the creation of a parochial committee headed by Don Casimiro Vizcara and some known local revolutionaries such as Pascual Villanueva, Jacinto Ignacio, and Valentin Ignacio. The inauguration and dedication of the parish was held on July 12,1903 by the Rt. Rev. Jose Evangelista. Obispo Maximo Gregorio Aglipay was not able to attend the ceremony since he was in Cebu for the blessing of the diocesan cathedral there. However, he led the solemn pontifical High Mass for the parochial feast the following year. The executive secretary of the Supreme Council of Bishops, the Rev. Fr. Alejandro Remollino was appointed as the first parish priest with the Rev. Fr. Nemecio Decena as the assistant vicar.

In December 1905 the generous members such as Roman Victorio and Isidro Martin donated the church’s first bells and organ. 

By 1910 the nationalistic church already comprised 70% of the local populace in contrast with those of the Roman Catholic Church and other denominations. 

When Fr. Remollino was elevated to the episcopate in 1919, he was replaced by a young former Roman Catholic priest named Fr. Jose De Guzman, who graduated from the San Jose Seminary in Manila. Fr. De Guzman, fondly called “Padre Jose,” was known for his charisma and intelligence. He was also popular because of his emotional preaching of the Good Friday’s “Siete Palabras” (Seven Last Words) that brought tears and overwhelmed the parishioners. The vicar post was designated to Fr. Generoso Aldana.

In 1922 the American Government built the Taft Avenue which connected Pasay to Manila. However, almost 30% of the church property was affected by this project. Furious members submitted a protest to the American Governor-General Leonard Wood via the Senate President Manuel Quezon; however, it failed. The said colonial government was known for its anti-Filipino sentiments especially the nationalistic groups like the IFI.

In June 1935 the patronal image was stolen from the altar and was ransomed for Php 5,000 (Php 200,000 in today’s value). With the help of the authorities, the said image was recovered just before the Trinity Sunday feast.

The Second World War brought unparalleled disruption on the church including the Masses and other services. Despite these, the congregation remained loyal, firm and committed. During this time, Fr. Cornelio Tayco replaced Fr. Aldana as the parish vicar following the latter’s death. 

After the war, the faithful faced another dilemma. This time, it involved the National Church divided into two factions in 1946: the group of Supreme Bishops Santiago Fonacier and Isabelo De Los Reyes Jr. The Fonacier faction created a renegade Council of Bishops and held its inaugural meeting in the Pasay parish with Msgr. Juan Jamias being elected as their Obispo Maximo.  Eventually, the Pasay parish was officially returned to the Mother Church.

Two years later in May 1957, Padre Jose was elevated to the episcopate by the Supreme Bishop. Bishops Sinforiano Nacional (Davao), Camilo Diel (Northern Mindanao), Manuel N. Aguilar (Laguna) and Gregorio Balda (Nueva Viscaya/Isabela) were the co-consecrators. He was the overseer of the Diocese of Manila until his death in 1963.  In 1964, Bishop De Guzman was replaced by Msgr. Sotero Mitra as the diocesan bishop and rector.  During his term, the concrete structure of the parish was finally built.

In 1975, Bishop Manuel Lagasca succeeded Bishop Mitra who was then elected as the General Secretary of the IFI. However, Supreme Bishop Macario Ga received multiple complaints from the parishioners regarding Bishop Lagasca’s administration. Issues such as negligence, mismanagement of funds, and loss of precious antique sacristy items were some of the matters raised. An episcopal mandate was issued in 1978 removing Bishop Lagasca from the parish and appointing the Rev. Fr. Winfred Vergara as his replacement. Later Fr. Vergara left the parish to pursue his theological studies abroad.

The Rev. Fr. Pedrito Enerio became the parish priest in 1980. On March 24 of the same year (Good Friday), Manuel Laya and his group called “Bagong Sikat Kabataan ng Pasay” performed the acclaimed “Siete Palabras Passion Play” with the partnership of ABS- CBN Channel 2 and the San Miguel Corporation. The whole church and its surrounding streets became so crowded that it was difficult to pass through due to the national telecast.

In 1982, the financial issues were looming in the local church, and to address these problems the Parish Council decided to convert the former plaza on the right side of the parish building into a series of commercial stalls. The venture was successful and since then it has provided the needed funds for local, diocesan and national projects.


Rey. Fr. Edgar A. Buncalana ( 1982 - 1983 )
Rev. Fr. Amado T. Rosete (1983 - 1985 )
Rev. Fr. Danilo Janagap (1985 - 1987 )
Rey. Fr. Guillermo Juan (1987 - 1990 )
Rev. Fr. Jualito Araña (1990 - 1992 )
Msgr. Angelito Fausto (1992 - 1993 )
Rev. Fr. Orlando Concepcion ( 1993 - 2004 )
Rev. Fr. Joel Porlares ( 2004 - 2013 )
Rev. Fr. Albert C. Dacera (2013 – present)




2020 -2023

Chairperson Rev. Fr. Albert C. Dacera
Vice Chairperson Emy Pamaran
Secretary John Paul Christopher Pablo
Treasurer Annabelle Niñofranco
Auditor Emy Reyes 


Richard Merque
Zerdeo Antonio
Janna Anenias
Marco Geronimo
Jade Mark Placido




Annabelle Nifofranco
Evelyn Ablir
Erlinda Rea


Emy Reyes
Emy Pamaran
Shirley Tubigon


Donaline Merque
Krystyne Antonio
Junelyn Ragasa


John Paul Christopher Pablo
Marco Geronimo
Jade Mark Placido


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