Parish of the
Good Shepherd

Lubiran Street, Bacood,
Sta. Mesa Manila

Rev. Sheryl Ann Javier-Bianson
Parish priest

+63929 977-2904; +63 2 8938-7615
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Holy Eucharist: 7:30am (Sunday)
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Parish of the
Good Shepherd

Lubiran Street, Bacood,
Sta. Mesa Manila

Rev. Sheryl Ann Javier-Bianson
Parish priest

+63929 977-2904; +63 2 8938-7615
Contact information

Holy Eucharist: 7:30am (Sunday)
Schedule of services


About the Parish

Parish of the Good Shepherd
Lubiran Street, Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila

By: Rev. Fr. Dionito M. Cabillas & Reynaldo S. Resurreccion


The Parish of the Holy Child Jesus, the Good Shepherd, Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) is located at Lubiran Street, Bacood, Sta. Mesa (formerly a district of Sampaloc), Manila. It is located in the eastern part of the City of Manila.

Bacood then has only two streets of entrance. Coming from Sta. Mesa, the point of entry is the northern portion of Bacood, called Bacood Park in Cordeleria Street a very short street (named after the abaca cord maker company located on that street during those days). It is connected to a much longer street named Lubiran Street (a street where the factory and warehouse of rolls of rope made from abaca fibers to be used for ships) to connect the whole Bacood Street in the heart of mainland Bacood. Both Cordeleria and Lubiran streets were derived from Abaca Cord and Lubid Makers and a warehouse company.

The other one is located in eastern part which is the Bagumbayan Street, an entrance from Pasig, San Juan and Mandaluyong areas.

At present, the new entrance is the Lubiran Bridge connecting New Panaderos Street in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila and Gregorio Aglipay Street (formerly Blumentritt) connecting Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong up to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA).

In the beginning, Bacood was a community of mostly members of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Aglipayans. There were few members of the Roman Catholic Church but after the Second World War they multiplied. The people came from Pandacan, Mandaluyong and other provinces like Bulacan. Laguna and Pampanga. The people rented a parcel of land with Php 2.50 per month which was “owned” by the Tuazon family.

Bacood was an agricultural land. The people had engaged in backyard farming which they installed bamboo fences around the farm and the people called it, Bacuod. Other people had engaged in fishing at the Pasig river.

This history is written based on the fragmented accounts written by the late Crispina Gervacio Segura with the help of Dr. Rey Ignacio, Leonila Segura and Nerissa de Guzman, who had served God and Country through the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Bacood Parish.

May this history inspires the people of Bacood and they themselves will continue to write the IFI Bacood history with their love, care and dedication to serve God and His people.



Through the years, the parish priests that served the parish:

Revd Fr. Bayani Arieta May 15, 1960-1961
Revd Fr. Justo A. Andres 1961-1962
Revd Fr. Isabelo de los Reyes III 1962-1963
Revd Fr. Abraham R. Bautista 1963-1967
Revd Fr. Ricardo B. Ramos 1967-1969
Revd Fr. Magsikap G. Gavino 1969-1970
Revd Fr. Genaro V. Aldana 1970-1972
Revd Fr. Abraham G. Tañedo 1972-1977
Revd Fr. Edgar A. Buncalan 1977-1982
Revd Fr. Isagani G. Fabito 1982-1988
Revd Fr. Rhee M. Timbang 1988-1989
Revd Fr. Jualito B. Araña 1989-1990
Revd Fr. Thee M. Timbang 1990-1993
Revd Fr. Dionito M.Cabillas 1993-1994
Revd Fr. Julius c. Dacera 1994-1996
Revd Fr. Isagani G. Fabito 1996-2004
Revd Fr. Fedelino P. Ofdi 2004-2009
Revd Fr. Orlando s. Concepcion 2009-2015
Revd Fr. Wildredo Caparros 2015-2016
Revd Fr. Fedelino Ofdi and
Msgr. Cesar Emmanuel R. Ballesteros
Revd Fr. Dionito M. Cabillas July 15, 2016-Present

The Organists of IFI Bacood Parish:

  • Ofelia Federigan
  • Aurora Aranas
  • Vangie Conde
  • Louie Manlapaz
  • Roxanne Fajardo
  • Regina Fabito
  • Louie Gene Aguilar

The Guitarists:

  • Glicerio Resurreccion
  • Ollan Domingo

Fiesta Celebrations are important for the IFI Bacood Parish. The celebrations have been led by the following:

Mr. Bento Federigan (1953-1968)
Mr. & Mrs. Avelino Antonio (1969)
Mr. Avelino Dimag (1970 – 1990)


Women Organization with Youth and Men (1991-1995)

Isagani Dominguez (1996-1998)
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Resurreccion (1999)
Cesar Fontanilla (2000)
Isagani Dominguez (2001)
Cornelio Dimag (2002)
Raul Jordan (2003)
Lorenz Larion (2004)


Parish Council with WOPIC, Youth and Laymen (2005-2008)

Mr. Bobuv & Miss Emie Pineda (2009)
Mario, Esper & Warren Sitjar (2010)
Jesus & Leonila Zamora (2011)
Manuel & Nerissa de Guzman (2012)
Victoria Astorga (2013)
Elizabeth Velez (2014)
Raul Jordan and family (2015)
Adhoc Parish Council with assistance of Niña Jordan (2016)
Parish Council with assistance of Niña Jordan (2017-present)


The De los Reyes Cross Awardees of Bacood Parish:

  • 2000 – Crispina G. Segura
  • 2001 – Benito Federigan (Posthumous)
  • 2002 - (No awardee)
  • 2003 – (No De los Reyes Cross Awarding)
  • 2004 – Lucila F. Fernando
  • 2005 – Eleuterio Bautista (Posthumous)
  • 2006 – Seoflinda S. Cruz
  • 2007 – Modesta Pagelason-Alojado
  • 2008 – Belen A. Vergara
  • 2009 – Aurora F. Aranas
  • 2010 – Celestina T. Aranas
  • 2011 – Luningning T. Manlapaz
  • 2012 – Angelita B. Fajardo
  • 2013 – Leonila S. Zamora
  • 2014 – Maximo Enriquez
  • 2015 – Purification C. Umlas
  • 2016 – Lourdes Larion-Mendoza
  • 2017 – Reynaldo S. Resurreccion
  • 2018 – Nerissa T. de Guznan
  • 2019 – Raul Jordan 

Aside from the image of the Holy Child Jesus, the Good Shepherd, other images were acquired through the efforts of the following:

  • Holy Child Jesus, the Good Shepherd - Dr. Adriano & Dr. Patnubay Cruz
  • Infant Jesus- Tria Family
  • Risèn Lord-Ding & Gèny Luna
  • Holy Jesus in the Sepulchre – Joint effort of the Parishioners
  • Pieta – Mrs. Anita Dominguez
  • Jesus the Nazarene – Juliano Macapagal and family
  • Good Shepherd icon with frame painted by Danilo Suson
  • Crucifix (white image) – Edward Astorga
  • Holy Child Jesus (Sta, Nino) – Allan Aranas and family
  • Virgin Mary-Romeo Macapagal & Family
  • Mater Dolorosa – Natividad Basas-Dominguez
  • Mary the Immaculate – Lucila Fernando
  • Our Lady of Rosary-Nena Natalaray
  • Mother of Pèrpètual Icon-Jet Sevilla
  • St. Jose-Eleuterio Bautista & Family
  • St. Petèr-Benito Federigan & Family
  • St. Anthony – Emie Pineda
  • Krus big-Lito Reguya
  • Krus (altar table)-Antonia Antonio
  • Krus (big hanging)-Parish


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