Mediocrity is the quality or state of being just average. A mediocre mindset is having low expectations and minimum standards. Unwillingly putting the extra effort to create something really exciting and breathtaking, a mediocre does not invest in himself/herself and does not put in the extra effort to keep skills up-to-date. 

Fanaticism is an ideology that eats up society. It is a passionate, blind, willful zeal and admiration towards people, a party, a religion or belief that has far-reaching negative impacts in any society. It is primarily a behavioral trait.

Arguably, the stories about the Good Samaritan, Mary Magdalene, and other testimonial facts about Jesus’ unrelenting manifestations of charity are only glimpses of His boundless expressions of inclusivity. These are patents that He wants us to patiently follow...

Most people opt for the easy road but only few walk the road less travelled. The former is seeking self-convenience and compromise, while the latter, for men who are patiently looking for self-restraint and sacrifice for inclusive benefit of the welfare of other people. Nowadays we seldom see people with guarded principles; men who are not afraid to stand up and fight for what is right, what is ideal...

Probably the framers of the IFI Constitution and Canons of 1977 could have knowingly or unknowingly impacted the crucial effect of secularization in the affairs of the Church. When we speak of a secularized Church, we are referring to giving the laity a greater participation in the governance and the administration of the Church as an organization...

"The image highlights the liberative message of God's intervention in human history and proclaimed by Mary in the ‘Magnificat’ as expressed in the IFI's participation in the people's struggle for the reign of justice, peace, and independence in our land..."

Many religions raise the example of holy men and women as a means of guiding and inspiring the current believers to lead good and moral values (Stanford, 2010). Faithful believers look for inspiration, strength, and succor in times of trouble and suffering caused by adversity. To most people, good people, God is a belief. But to the saints, He is an embrace.

Reminiscing from the memory lane, I was initiated into the church when I was a sacristan in the far-flung IFI Parish of St. Matthew in Aloran, Misamis Occidental. Our parish priest then was the late Fr. Cesar de Asis. Serving the parish for five years as a sacristy boy, I was fortified with the Aglipayan stock to enter St. Andrew's Theological Seminary in Quezon City to be initiated into priesthood.

The whole month of January is a celebration of the Feast of the Santo Nino (Child Jesus) in the different parts of the Philippines.

Going to a strange foreign land without a clear geographical and cultural knowledge is definitely alarming and seemingly threatening. It’s culture shocking! Particularly, if you have no idea of the place you are into, it makes you impatiently restless while holding your breath with incessant awe and wonder...

This is an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary dressed in the traditional balintawak, leading a handsome boy in a peasant garb who is armed with a bolo like a katipunero. On this statue is an inscription, “Ama ko, sumilang nawa ang aming pagsasarili.”

Multi-awarded and internationally-known painter, sculptor and print artist, Egai does not only paint with his brushes in vibrant colors but also depicts his vicarious struggle with his people in their powerlessness, oppression, marginalization and exploitation.