The refreshing Pililla Windmill Farm in Pililla, Rizal highlighted the diocesan clergy Easter retreat last April 10, 2023, first Monday of Eastertide. With a magnificent 360-degree view on the mountaintop of Pililla, along the northwest ring side of the Laguna de Bay, the 27 humongous fan-like turbines generate 54-megawatt electricity for Meralco distribution in the Rizal and Laguna areas. Combined with an earlier morning clergy study and later evening Visita Iglesia to the nearby IFI Parish of Saint Mary Magdalene, the exhilarating day’s activities contributed to one of the clergy’s very memorable experiences.

The multi-purpose day’s activities started off with a two-hour drive in a four-car convoy from the diocesan Cathedral of the Crucified Christ. The group’s first activity was held at the retreat venue in the Villa Resurreccion in Tanay, Rizal, for collective study and fellowship. Close to the day’s end, at dusk, they proceeded to the Windmill Farm for sight-seeing, orientation, and photo- ops, and ended in a visit to the IFI Parish of Saint Magdalene in Pililla. A sumptuous dinner, courtesy of the Parish Council, capped the delightful day’s activities. The group was enroute home in the late hours of the same day.

Led by the diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Vicente Salvador Ballesteros, and the domestic prelate, the Msgr. Cesar Emmanuel Ballesteros, the 14-member diocesan clergy and four select clergy relatives, embarked at 6:30 am on their trip towards the Villa Resurreccion in Tanay, Rizal. Arriving at 9:00 am, they helped themselves to a hearty breakfast at the venue, and then sat down to a collective study of the DGMA Clergy Rule of Life for review and revision of outdated policies. Due to the insufficient time to accomplish the complete revisions, the group postponed their further study and adjourned for the sumptuous lunch preceding the afternoon revelry. The afternoon was spent in fellowship and relaxation as some enjoyed water-frolicking in the swimming pool, while the others showed their vocal talents with the use of the videoke machine. Bishop Buddy, accompanied by a few priests, chose instead to do a pastoral visit to the ailing Rev. Dr. Guillermo Juan, Jr. in his nearby home. Fr. Juan is a retired professor from Saint Andrew’s Theological Seminary and priest of the Karangalan Mission of DGMA. Almost at dusk, the group, led by the Rev. Ricardo Aliwalas, trooped to the Pililla Windmill Farm to enjoy the magnificent view from atop where the 27 windmill-fans were located. Courtesy of the hospitality of Pilillla Mayor, the Hon. Dan V. Masinsin, the sight-seeing was preceded by a video presentation on the background of the windmill installation. Despite the physical absence of the town mayor who facilitated the visit, he expressed his appreciation and generosity, through his assistant, by gifting each guest-participant with a miniature replica of the windmill turbine.

The Rizal (Pililla) Windmill Farm, located in Barangay Halayhayin, consists of 27 humongous fan-like structures along the rings of Laguna de Bay with a unique natural wind corridor. It is owned and operated by the Alternergy Wind One Corporation (AWOC), with the land leased from the Rizal Provincial Government and private individuals and corporations. The windmill farm covers an area of 4,515 hectares with 27 wind turbines, from Spain’s Gamesa, each producing 1.1 megawatts of electricity. The turbines turn the wind energy into mechanical power to generate electricity. Total electrical generation is 54 megawatts for Meralco distribution to the Rizal and Laguna provinces. With its windmill farm construction commencing in 2006, it was fully operational by 2008.

After the sight-seeing and photo-ops, the group proceeded to the IFI Parish of Saint Mary Magdalene in Pillilla where they received an orientation on the history of the local church headed by the Rev. Domeng Royo, parish rector, and the Parish Council officers led by Bro. Elmerson Paulete. Afterwards, the Parish Council’s generosity surprised and delighted the clergy guests when they were treated to a sumptuous dinner in the nearby “Judea’s Kitchen” owned by the parishioners, Mr. and Mrs. Edgardo Krissel Pendon. With full stomachs and refreshed spirits, the DGMA clergy trekked back homeward with grateful hearts for this amazing day’s experiences. Thanks and glory to God!



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