Reflection for the Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Luke 17:11-19; 2 Timothy 2:8-15; October 9, 2022

By: The Rev. Fr. Hermogenes Verano

Nowadays sickness or disease has befallen people of different races. It may be a problem of awareness or a readied protection from the disease.

The ten lepers were cured but only one of them was told by Jesus: "Your faith has saved you." He was the one who responded straight from the heart. While the others were concerned about fulfilling legal requirements, he alone thought about giving thanks to God right where the grace of God found him. Such is the faith that saves and transforms us.

Informatively, there are eight (8) common health diseases that each of us should be aware of and must watch out for. These are the following: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction (for men), sexually transmitted diseases, low testosteron, depression, and recently Covid 19.

Aside from going to the doctor, how many of us are asking God for healing and favors? How many will really come to God and beg for His deliverance from these infirmities? And how many will just keep these to themselves and rely for whatever may be of help. Or worse, how many will just wait for their fate?

St Paul, in his letter to Timothy, encouraged us to be inspired as Christians and to fan into flame the gift of God.



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